Alabama Snake (2020) srt subtitles

Alabama Snake (2020) srt subtitles

Alabama Snake is an english language documentary film based on Oct. 4, 1991 reporting of a heinous crime from the Alabaman sleepy town of Scottsboro. It highlights the story of accusation of murder attempt by a Pentecostal minister named Glenn Summerford to his wife with a rattlesnake. For decades the investigation and trial haunted the Southern Appalachia.

Local historian and folklorist Dr. Thomas Burton features in this documentary film. Dr. Burton spent his whole life to study and understand  the Pentecostal snake handlers’ folklore, culture and beliefs. In Glenn Summerford’s case, after through study he makes the conclusion of  Mr. Summerford’s Southern Gothic portrait and demon possession.

Alabama Snake filmography:

English subtitles for Alabama Snake is available in srt format and you can download it in one click.

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